Nepal and India Earthquake Relief

Hundreds of leaders from the Himalayan region gathered in January for the Asia's Hope Himalayan Leaders Conference. These individuals have been directly affected by this crises and on are now the front lines of relief efforts.

Please join us in supporting the Himalayan Region In the wake of the Nepal Earthquake

The entire Himalayan region been shaken by a massive earthquake, centered near Kathmandu, Nepal. The city and especially the surrounding towns and villages have been utterly devastated, with destruction reaching as far as neighboring India, including the regions surrounding Darjeeling and Assam.

The leaders in our network, many of whom are now unreachable or impossible to contact, are on the front-lines of this crises. Please continue to uphold them in your prayers, interceding for their safety and the safety of their loved ones. 

Because of these indigenous leaders and organizations in our network, Asia's Hope is responding to this crises, prioritizing grassroots, orphan-focused relief efforts — we will distribute 100% of the funds we receive to Nepali and Indian leaders connected to Asia's Hope who are already caring for orphaned children and those caring for children orphaned by the earthquake. 

Please consider making a generous gift. We will provide ongoing updates as we raise and distribute these badly needed funds.

Asia's Hope kids leading in song at the Himalayan Leaders Conference in January.

Our staff and kids in are safe

As you can imagine, our kids and staff are on edge — a powerful aftershock interrupted church on Sunday morning, and another one struck right as the kids were going to bed.

Some of the older structures in the city of Kalimpong, India, have been damaged, including minimal damage to the house where our Kalimpong 5 children's home has been residing (they have since been moved to anther location).

Please continue praying for safety and peace of mind for our children and staff as the situation continues to develop. 

Contact us for more information.