Nepal Earthquake: Update from Kathmandu, Nepal

As of last Thursday, Pastor N___, Director of Asia's Hope in India, made the journey from Kalimpong, India, to Katmandu, Nepal. Since his arrival he has been making contact with local Pastors, leaders and congregations in our network. The stories we have been receiving from Pastor N___ are heartbreaking. 

The devastation, both in Kathmandu and in the surrounding remote villages, is extensive — and for many people, aid simply hasn't arrived. Thanks to everyone who has given generously and sacrificially, Pastor N___ and his wife have had the opportunity to directly provide food and shelter, arrange for medical care, minister to the injured and the grieving, and assist local pastors in providing for the needs of the orphaned children in their care. Over the past few days, Pastor N___ has been ministering to the family and congregation of Pastor Eliya — a long-time friend, church planter and pastor trainer who lead one of Kathmandu's largest congregations. Eliya was killed alongside his eldest son and 17 other members of his congregation when their church building collapsed. Nearly 60 people were trapped inside the rubble until an Indian rescue team was finally able to free them on Tuesday. This group of believers, and indeed, many other churches in our network, now have nothing and are in dire need. 

Please continue to give. 100% of your donation goes to those in need. In coordination with local Nepali pastors and leaders, Asia's Hope will continue to provide direct assistance and financial support to those on the front-lines of this disaster, prioritizing strategic relief to those who are in greatest need and might otherwise be overlooked. We'll be providing updates as more information as it becomes available, and if you have questions or would like to speak to us about our relief efforts, please contact us

Pastor N____, pictured with Pastor Eliya who passed away with his eldest son during the quake.

Checking in with Pastor Noel, Director of Vineyard Churches in the Himalayas

Biraj Ghale, youngest son of Pastor Elyia, and his mother stand in front of the remains of their church which collapsed, trapping them inside. 

Sova Ghale, widow of Eliya's son, Raj Ghale, who died alongside his father. She is determined to complete her Bachelors in Theology.